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Jan 3, 2013

Surf Internet Without a Browser

All these days we are browsing internet through browsers. There are many browsers available on the web.  Today we are sharing a simple tip using which you can surf internet without any browser.

Tip to Surf Internet Without any Browser:

1. Open Run, type calc and hit enter as shown in below pic. It opens windows calculator.
Windows Run

2. In calculator click on Help and then click on Help Topics as shown in below pic
Windows Calculator

3. In calculator help window right click on Title Bar and then click on Jump to URL as shown in below pic.
Windows Calculator help

4. A small popup window appears on the screen as shown in below pic, where you have to enter the url which you want to surf.
Windows calculator Browser

5. Finally after entering url hit enter. The requested website will appear in the side window of calculator help window as shown in below pic. 
Tech Knol

Note: If you want to browse another website follow the above steps 3 and 4. Type the full website address including http://

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Dec 18, 2012

How Cell Jammer Works?

Cell Jammers are originally developed by law of enforcement and military to interrupt calls by criminals and terrorists. Before discussing about how Jammer works let's know little about mobile network and mobile phones. Mobile communicates to its network using base station or cell tower. As mobile moves from place to place the signals are handed from one tower to another. Mobile phones are full duplex device which use different frequencies for sending and receiving.


Cell Jammer

A Jammer Blocks or jams mobiles from receiving signals from base station. Jammers are of different sizes. Small hand held jammer blocks all bands within 9 meters range and larger jammer blocks mobile communication within 9kms/5miles. Small Jammer uses battery of mobile and large has to be charged. Jammer blocks not only calls but also internet, messaging and even emergency calls.

How Cell Jammer Works?

Jammers can work by either disrupting phone to tower frequencies or tower to phone frequencies. Jammer generally blocks signals coming from base station or cell tower because towers are placed far away and signals coming from that tower will have less frequency. Jammer sends radio waves along with same frequency that mobile uses causing enough interference with the communication between cell phones and towers making mobile unusable. Simply to say "Jammers block signal frequency by transmitting relatively high power signals (noise) on the same frequency. Because of this high power, a cell phone can’t identify the signal from tower and it keeps searching for signals".

Used - at places of worship, library to maintain silence, in Parliament to avoid disturbances and to prevent leakage of  information, in Army to block calls by criminals and terrorists and in schools and colleges to blocks calls of students.

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1. Bluejacking- Everything You Need to Know


Dec 16, 2012

Bluejacking - Everything You Need to Know


What is Bluejacking?

Bluejacking, a hacking method by which an individual can send bulk messages to Bluetooth enabled devices with in certain radius(normally the range of Bluetooth is 10metres for mobile phones but for laptops it is 100metres with intense transmission) without pairing.

This doesn't involve any hijacking as in the name. Bluejacker can only send unsought messages. Hijacking doesn't actually occur here because the attacker will not govern the victim's device. At worst, Bluejacking is a vexation.

How Bluejacking can be done?

This is very simple and is explained below:
1). Select an area with plenty of mobile users.
2). Go to contacts in your address book. Create a new contact. 
3). Enter the message you want to send in the name part. Save the new contact.
Create New Contact

4). Choose send via bluetooth.
Send via Bluetooth

5). Then it searches for any Bluetooth enabled device with in the range.
Bluetooth devices detected

6). Choose one phone and send the contact.
7). You will get message like in below picture showing message is sent.
Message Delivery Report

Bluejacking can be prevented by setting a device in hidden, invisible or non-discoverable mode. However through this Bluejacking we don't have any harm to data in our phone. But there are certain techniques which will look quite similar to Bluejacking and can gain control over the data in our phones. Bluesnarfing and Bluebugging however are the actual attacks that may result in user loosing control on his device. These techniques will be explained in coming posts.

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1. Fuel cell - A Revolution in Technology 

Format Removable Disk from Command Prompt


Usually we format removable disks like pendrive and external HDD from windows interface by just right clicking on the disk and selecting format option as shown in below pic.
Foramt Removable Disk from WIndows
If your system is infected with virus sometimes it won't allow to format your removable disks by simply disabling right click on it. In such cases you can format your removable disks like pendrive and HDD from command prompt. Just follow below steps.

Step 1:

Open Run, Type cmd and hit enter.
Windows Run

 Step 2:
In command prompt type format Drive Name: as shown below
Windows Command Prompt

Step 3:
It verifies for the contents of the disk.

Format Removable disk from Command Prompt

After verifying it asks for the volume label as below.
Format Removable disk from Command Prompt

Step 4:
Type the name of the volume or drive you want to format and press enter.
Format Removable disk from Command Prompt

Step 5:

Now format has been completed.It shows the status as format complete with space available on disk.
Format Removable disk from Command Prompt

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1. Know the Manufacture Date of Your PC


Fuel cell: A revolution in technology


In a world where alternative energy sources became very pivotal to preserve the ecosystem that have been cherishing us, one of the most serviceable technologies is the fuel cell.

what is fuel cell?
A fuel cell is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy, water, and heat through electro-chemical reactions. In the below picture you can see the fuel cell battery.

Fuel Cell

Fuel cell technology:

Every single fuel cell has two electrodes an anode and cathode basically. The reactions that take place between the two electrodes are the one which produce electricity in the end. Hydrogen is the fuel used but for the reactions to occur the cells also need oxygen. The below picture shows the reaction taking place in fuel cell.

The function of a PEM fuel cell

No harm done to environment:  One very interesting and positive aspect of fuel cells is that they manage to produce electricity with out polluting the environment, and that’s because hydrogen and oxygen – needed in the reaction combine to produce a neutral byproduct, which is water.

Fuel cell in car:
Fuel cell in car
Single fuel cell will produce energy which is scanty. So, in order to produce a usable amount of energy lot of fuel cells are combined and the energy generated from this can fuel a car.

Fuel cell technology in smart phones and tablets: The fuel cell comes with a USB port and is the size of a thicker smartphone. The power comes from the cartridges filled with lighter fluid. Pretty ingenious. The below picture shows the fuel cell battery charger:
Fuel cell Charger
Though fuel cell technology Seems to be very small but the idea in it is very useful as it is environmental friendly. Certainly this type of technology will pave it's way to smart environment in future.

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Dec 13, 2012

Know the Manufacture Date of Your PC

Every PC has a manufacture date. You can check your PC's manufacture by 2 simple commands, Just follow below steps.

Step 1:
Go to start menu. Click on Run. A dialog box will appear, in that type cmd to open Command prompt.
Windows Run

Step 2:
In command prompt type Debug as shown in below pic and hit enter.
Command Prompt Debug

Step 3:
After hitting enter the pointer will blink in the next line as shown above then  type DF000:FFF5 as shown below pic and hit enter.
Command Prompt Debug

That's it the manufactured date of your PC appears as in the below pic. In my case it is 04/25/11.
Windows Command Prompt

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1. How to Restore Corrupted File Associations?


Dec 6, 2012

How to Restore Corrupted File Associations?

What is File Association?

File association means a file with an application capable of opening  that file(usually determined by their filename.extension). For example we open images with Windows Picture Viewer, Video files with Windows Media Player or Vlc Player or with some other media player. Without these it is impossible to run/open any type of file because windows could not recognize the files. 


File Association Problems

Sometimes these file associations will get corrupted due to virus attacks on the system. If all the file associations are attacked with virus then the best method is system restore. What if it is turn off and there is no previous point from which you can restore? There is no option other than to repair or format the PC. 
Windows File Open


From the following websites you can get the fixes

XP file association fix 

Download these fixes from another system but not the infected one. After downloading these fixes copy these to the infected system.These fixes cant be run in the infested system directly.so,save them fore later usage.

Steps for running the fixes:

1) When file cant be opened windows will display error message like shown. In that click on Select the program from a list and click OK.

Windows File Open

2) Next click on Browse
Windows Choose Program

3) In this step goto C:/Windows/system32 and select cmd.exe 
Windows Open Withh

4) Select Windows Command Processor and then click OK
Windows Recommended Programs

5) Run following commands in Command Processor 
After this restart your PC and check if you can open all the files, applications or not. If your system is infected with virus these commands wont work. At this time run the following command


Press enter. You will get a registry window, as below. 

Go to file>>import 

Registry fixes can be imported as shown 

WIndows Registry Editor

6) Select linkfile_fix and click Open. Finally restart your PC
Windows Import Registry File

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Dec 2, 2012

We Support Free and Open Internet

Internet has spread across the globe. More than 2 billion people from different geographical areas get connected through internet via emails, social sites etc. Without internet technological advancement won't be possible. These days web is the main source to acquire knowledge. With the help of search engines we get almost everything from web. Free and open world depends on free and open  web.  This December governments & ITU meet to discuss the future of internet 

What is ITU?

ITU(International Telecommunication Union) is the United Nations specialized agency which administers information and communication technologies. Developing the technical standards, allocating global radio spectrum and satellite orbits are the main functions of International Telecommunication Union. 

What's going to happen in WCIT meet?

This December World's governments meet to decide the future of the internet which is called WCIT(World Conference on International Telecommunications) and is Organized by ITU(International Telecommunication Union). Internet is an open network, neither controlled by a single organization nor an individual.  There are proposals to monitor and reduce the internet traffic for various reasons, increasing privacy on web, restricting open internet access, blocking some websites etc. If these proposals at WCIT are approved internet will become top-down regulated by ITU which will increase censorship and threaten innovation.  To stop this add your voice to support free and open internet. Google Take Action