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Jan 3, 2013

Surf Internet Without a Browser

All these days we are browsing internet through browsers. There are many browsers available on the web.  Today we are sharing a simple tip using which you can surf internet without any browser.

Tip to Surf Internet Without any Browser:

1. Open Run, type calc and hit enter as shown in below pic. It opens windows calculator.
Windows Run

2. In calculator click on Help and then click on Help Topics as shown in below pic
Windows Calculator

3. In calculator help window right click on Title Bar and then click on Jump to URL as shown in below pic.
Windows Calculator help

4. A small popup window appears on the screen as shown in below pic, where you have to enter the url which you want to surf.
Windows calculator Browser

5. Finally after entering url hit enter. The requested website will appear in the side window of calculator help window as shown in below pic. 
Tech Knol

Note: If you want to browse another website follow the above steps 3 and 4. Type the full website address including http://

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  1. It's really a knowledge gain sharing...

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  2. There may be much less functionality than a complete browser. Like Java/Flash player missing, can not play video/audio. Similarly can not open JavaScript website.


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